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Burnley Festival of

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Lots of people help us with the Festival by giving their time and expertise to help something happen that they believe in. Could you be one of them?  We need help through the year developing the Festival to meet the needs of today‚Äôs performers and of course we need hands-on help on the days of the Festival itself.

We currently have a vacancy for someone to help us with publicity for our Festival, but whatever your area of expertise and interest from drama, music anddance to secretarial, management, fund-raising and IT skills, you can be sure we would welcome your involvement to the extent you wished to give it.

Vaguely interested?  Please come along to one of our Festival events and make yourself known at the Festival Office. Alternatively  email us and we will  be in touch.

The Burnley Festival Team look forward to hearing from you!



a.Entries will close on Saturday 20th January 2018

b.Each performer must use a separate entry form. (This may be a photocopy or can be downloaded from www.burnleyfestival.co.uk.) The age of the performer, if under 19 years of age, must be clearly stated on the form. Age to be reckoned on the day of the festival.

c.Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by the appropriate fees. All cheques  to be made payable to 'Burnley Festival'. Be aware of postage costs as insufficient postage may delay your entry.

d.You may make only one entry in any class. No piece, either set or own choice may be performed in two classes. If you wish to change an own choice piece from that stated on a submitted entry form, be aware that acceptance of any change is at the discretion of the committee.

e.Teachers are asked to advise their pupils of these points.

f.Teachers or parents of entrants with limited physical capabilities or special needs should make these known on the entry form.

g.MUSIC: The official accompanists must play for all solo vocal classes.  Choirs and groups must provide their own accompanist or backing track.

For all set pieces, where the key is not stipulated in the syllabus, performers may use any published key.  The key must be stated on the entry form. Copies of set pieces are not required by the adjudicator or accompanist.

For own choice pieces please state the title, composer and key on the entry form. Singers must send a copy of their own choice pieces for the accompanist with their entry form. It may be a photocopy but the original must be provided for the performance on the day of the festival.  The music must be complete, totally legible, fastened together and marked with your name and class number.

h.SPEECH: For own choice pieces please state the title and author of the piece on the entry form and enclose a copy.

i.A programme will be sent to each performer at the end of February. Choirs will be sent two programmes.