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Lots of people help us with the Festival by giving their time and expertise to help something happen that they believe in. Could you be one of them?  We need help through the year developing the Festival to meet the needs of today’s performers and of course we need hands-on help on the days of the Festival itself.

We currently have a vacancy for someone to help us with publicity for our Festival, but whatever your area of expertise and interest from drama, music anddance to secretarial, management, fund-raising and IT skills, you can be sure we would welcome your involvement to the extent you wished to give it.

Vaguely interested?  Please come along to one of our Festival events and make yourself known at the Festival Office. Alternatively  email us and we will  be in touch.

The Burnley Festival Team look forward to hearing from you!


Winners of all classes receive prizes as follows:

1st Certificate, 2nd Certificate, 3rd Certificate

In addition a medal will be awarded to 1st Prizewinners up to and including 18 years of age (except choral and ‘Any Age’ classes).

Mabel Nuttall Award  An award to the value of £50 will be given to the most promising young pianist, to be chosen by the adjudicator, from competitors in classes 120 - 125, 132 & 137. 

Joseph Lucas Trophy The winner will be chosen by the Adjudicator from classes 174 -  177 when these Classes are complete.

Junior Piano Trophy The winner will be chosen by the Adjudicator from classes 120 - 125.

Junior Vocal Trophy  The winner will be chosen by the Adjudicator from classes 160 - 164.

Norman Tattersall  Trophy  Winner of class 180

Rose Bowl  Winner of class 181

Haythornthwaite Trophy   Winner of class 151 ‘Primary School Choirs’

Burnley Express Shield Winner of class 152 ‘School, Youth & College Choirs’

Edith Hurley Trophy Winner of class 153 ‘Novice Choirs’

Burnley Express Shield Winner of class 154 ‘Any Age Choirs’

Keith Cup Winner of class 155 ‘Pop, Rock, Gospel or Soul Choirs’

Renée Halstead Choral Trophy & £100  Winner of class 156 Choir Recital

Ellen Clark Trophy Winner of class  157 ‘Special Needs Choir’

Music Festival Contacts


Mrs Frances Prince        Tel: 01254 822859